Is Facebook and Instagram Going To Charge their Apple iOS 14.5 Users to use their Application

Is Facebook and Instagram Going To Charge their Apple iOS 14.5 Users to use their Application

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Facebook and Instagram are threatening to charge customers for their services. However, this is only if users do not want the pair to monitor them from app to app after downloading iOS 14.5.

Following the announcement of iOS 14.5, all applications must ask for permission before tracking a user through apps and websites. Companies like Facebook are concerned with their ad sales, and they're doing every trick in the book to ensure that users want them to monitor them.

For this, Mark Zuckerberg’s firm is now said to add new screens for both its main app and Instagram. The screens are supposed to tell iPhone users on iOS 14.5 that enabling tracking under Apple's App Tracking Transparency policy will "help keep" the apps free to use. Hints of it were found in both the main Facebook app and Instagram app. The screenshots of the feature attached below.


The latest functionality in the newly released iPhone OS i.e., iOS 14.5, update implicitly requires the user to have a system-level prompt message, asking consumers whether the software should watch them for targeted and useful advertisements. Facebook was opposed to this because it feared that many people would disable this feature, which would damage their advertising industry. As a result, the social media beast is trying its best to inform iPhone users about why they should leave data monitoring available.

If you allow the Facebook and Instagram prompts, the advertisements you see on those sites will not change. If you refuse, you will continue to see advertisements, but they will be less important to you. Accepting these prompts would not result in Facebook gathering new sets of data. It simply ensures that Facebook and Instagram will continue to have quality experiences for their users.

It's also worth noting that Apple's App Store policies prohibit applications from offering incentives for consumers to admit to being tracked. It's not clear if Facebook and Instagram are violating the law here, but they're pretty there!

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