What is digital-udaan-a-codesgesture-initiative

Digital Udaan is an initiative by CodesGesture.com to make Street Vendors capable to get the benefits of Information Technology. The initiative breaks the myth that Very Small Business like Street Vendor, Thelewalas have website in their dreams.
We're here to make the website of Capable Vendor Absolutely Free of Cost Just to Encourage them to break the barriers and use the Technology to grow and become successful.

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Digital Udaan in Action

Gupta Ji Litty is Now Online

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Why name digital-udaan-a-codesgesture-initiative

Udaan is word of Hindi means to fly. And we are giving them digital wings to go up and touch the sky, it simply care about the Term DIGITAL UDAAN

For Whom we are doing Digital Udaan

In a Normal context a Needy who is unable to give the budget for making the website but is doing a great effort daily
  • Chai Wala
  • Tikki Wala
  • Subji Wala
  • Anda Wala
  • Fal Wala
  • All those Wala

Register A Needy

We will create Website for Absolutely FREE !!

Please, let us know the needy so that our team can verify him.
digital-udaan-a-codesgesture-initiative digital-udaan-a-codesgesture-initiative digital-udaan-a-codesgesture-initiative